April 25, 2024

London - Britische Tankstellenvereinigung führt Treibstoffknappheit auf Panikkäufe zurück

London puts the army on alert

The UK is currently going through a fuel crisis. The reason for this: the lack of truck drivers. They are now provided by the military.

The basics in brief

  • London offers army personnel as truck drivers.
  • They must be the solution in the fight against fuel shortages.
  • Since there are very few truck drivers, petrol cannot be delivered.

The London government has put military truck drivers on standby in the face of the UK’s fuel crisis. She said in a letter Tuesday evening that these should be ready for delivery to gas stations.

In the UK, many gas stations are currently running dry. The reason for this is the lack of truck drivers, which has already created gaps in supermarket shelves. Since some gas stations had to close last week due to a shortage of drivers, there have been panic buying. Long queues form at gas stations.

Additional Capabilities

Economy Minister Kwasi Koarting confirmed that demand will return to normal levels in the coming days. However, it is right to take precautions. “If necessary, the deployment of military personnel will temporarily provide the supply chain with additional capabilities. To reduce pressure from domestic fluctuations in demand, Kwarteng said.

Several oil companies on Monday called on people to stop panic buying. There is enough fuel in the country. They also assume that the pressure on gas stations will decrease in the coming days. Reason: many cars are already full.

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