June 20, 2024

Logitech Harmony Global remotes have discontinued

Logitech Harmony Global remotes have discontinued

Elite harmony.

Universal Harmony remote controls seem to be fading. Logitech announced Friday that the units are no longer manufactured to alleviate your problems with a multi-component home theater system, although they will still be available at many retailers for some time to come.

If you are a fan of Harmony, don’t panic. Logitech says the company will not leave you empty-handed.

“We plan to support the Harmony community and new Harmony customers. This also includes access to our software and apps to set up and manage your remote controls,” the peripheral manufacturer said in a post on their support site. “We also plan to continue updating the platform and adding devices to our Harmony database. Customer support and warranty still offered.”

Harmony had a fan of CNET reviewer David Katzmaier, who included several Harmony devices in his report earlier this year. The best global remotes for 2021. “Logitech Harmony has written a book on universal remote controls,” said Katsmayer.

Now home theater setups have been generally simplified around built-in streaming apps and speakers. Most modern smartphones and tablets can also be controlled via apps.

However, if you’re the type to say, “You can calm down if you take it off cold and sleepy while you watch it insatiable –The operator Hand over “you can.” Read the questions and answers in the same Logitech support article.

CNET’s John Falcon contributed to this report.

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