December 3, 2023

Local Transportation in Toronto: Billion Order for Deutsche Bahn

Local Transportation in Toronto: Billion Order for Deutsche Bahn

Status: 04/20/2022 3:06 pm

Toronto and the Canadian province of Ontario have awarded Deutsche Ban a billion-dollar deal. It is about the planning, operation and maintenance of the local transport network.

Deutsche Bahn has received large orders from the Canadian city of Toronto and the provinces of Ontario. The company has announced this. The subsidiary Deutsche Bahn International Operations operates and maintains the local transportation network around Toronto. It is the main business of the railway subsidiary, which is responsible for railway projects outside Europe. The order size of the 25-year contract is in the millions.

As a leading partner in a joint venture, Deutsche Bahn is to modernize, expand and completely redesign the 450-kilometer rail network around Toronto. Toronto is the largest city in Canada; About three million people live there. More than six million people live in the metropolitan area.

The project begins as soon as the contract is signed

“The transportation program is considered one of the most important in Canadian history,” said Ronald Bofalla, a member of the DB Infrastructure Board. “The tremendous transfer of technology and knowledge and the experiences we gain in Canada provide direct benefits to the railways in Germany. Profits flow into our German network as well.”

According to Bofola, the project will begin as soon as the contract is signed with products for the operation and expansion of the rail network. Significantly higher capacity and performance will be available on the network when the planned operations are acquired after a two-year development phase.

Billion-dollar order in Canada: Deutsche Bahn to operate local transport network in Toronto

Peter Mücke, ARD New York, April 20, 2022 at 2:32 pm