May 23, 2024

Liz Cheney expelled the leadership of the US Republican faction

Liz Cheney expelled the leadership of the US Republican faction

High-ranking Republican Representative Liz Cheney was fired from leading the parliamentary group for her harsh criticism of former US President Donald Trump.

The basics are in brief

  • Liz Cheney has repeatedly criticized Trump for his election fraud allegations.
  • Now the 54-year-old was expelled from a meeting of the Republican parliamentary group.

Liz Cheney is county number three in the House of Representatives. Members of the European Parliament said she was removed from her post on Wednesday at a parliamentary group meeting. 54-year-old daughter of the former vice president Dick Cheney He is one of Trump’s harsh domestic critics.

After storming the Capitol on January 6, Cheney was one of only ten Republicans to vote to impeach the then president.

The Wyoming lawmaker has harshly criticized Trump ever since. This is for him Nothing proves allegations of election fraud About the presidential election on November 3.

She recently condemned “a dangerous, anti-democratic personality cult around Trump” in her party.

Trump has been in power for the past few months Republicans unified. Cheney’s successor as the conference chair – roughly the director of a parliamentary group – will be Elise Stefanik, Trump’s 36-year-old ally.

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