September 30, 2023

Live the New Year's Eve with Theatre Constance: Singer Wochenblatt

Live the New Year’s Eve with Theatre Constance: Singer Wochenblatt

Constance. New Year’s Eve always comes as a complete surprise, and faster than you think. So leave nothing to chance – this is where Konstanz’s theatrical program comes in handy to bridge the champagne corks gap.

The crime comedy by John Buchan and Alfred Hitchcock is fast-paced and turbulent theatrical fun “The 39 Steps” Presented at the City Theater (4pm and 8:30pm). Richard Hannay’s life as a London bachelor changes abruptly when enigmatic Annabella falls into his lap on the stage of all places. Wanted by the police as a murderer, he is chased by the spy ring “39 Steps”, escapes across the UK to the Scottish Highlands, runs over moving trains, ducks under attacking bungalows, escapes through woods and swamps and finally land once again confrontation in London Palladium. Four actors in 39 roles take us on the adventurous and choppy journey of this reluctant hero.

In the workshop, Jonas Batzold inspires at 8pm with his great story “right before the kiss” For everyone who has lost their heart – and to those who still want to get rid of it. A kiss can be the beginning of a relationship. Or the end of a friendship. But what if you never dared and always kept close to kissing? Or if you dare and a kiss suddenly leads you to the furniture and the kids together without you really being prepared for it? And what if you realize it was the last kiss? Or worse, if you haven’t noticed? Jonas Pätzold presents with his songs “word and note games at the highest level,” his program alternates “between thoughtful concerts and cabaret music,” according to enthusiastic critics.

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Meanwhile it arrives at Spieghallle at 5pm and 9pm “Mother tongue Mameloschn” for performance. “No one, only a mother can kill you at any time with half a sentence.” Sacha Marian Salzman added this quote from Maxi Obexer to her article. With plenty of humor, she tells of three generations: a grandmother, a mother, and a daughter who can’t be with each other but not without her – just a typical family.

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Wochenblatt @: Oliver Fiedler