April 23, 2024

Live Exports - New Zealand bans animal transport by ship - News

Live Exports – New Zealand bans animal transport by ship – News


After a major accident, transportation was temporarily suspended. Now the ban is confirmed.

Transporting animals by ship is now prohibited: After a ship carrying 5,800 head of cattle en route to China sank in a storm near Japan last year and all the animals and more than 40 crew members lost their lives, the New Zealand government has temporarily banned the transport of the animals. Now this ban has definitely been issued.

New Zealand wants to be seen as a responsible country: “Live exports have been criticized by animal rights activists for years as a particularly cruel act, not only from New Zealand, but also from Australia,” says SRF Australia correspondent Urs Walten. The country is famous for being green and clean. ”However, he notes that this image is not entirely correct.“ Liquid manure flows into water bodies in such large quantities that bathing is now prohibited in most rivers in New Zealand. ”

New Zealand Farmers Association numbers: The country exports about 110,000 live animals a year, which equates to a trade of about 140 million Swiss francs, Wolderlin says. Unlike Australia, New Zealand has not exported live slaughter animals since 2008, only dairy products and breeding animals, which have a higher value.

Not a drastic decision: “Compared to the volume of export sales of milk or dairy products, the $ 140 million for New Zealand is negligible,” the reporter says. The export of milk and dairy products would generate billions of francs each year. On the other hand, the neighboring country of Australia wants to stick to live transport of cows and sheep.

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