February 25, 2024

Live broadcast: Thon and Sion fight for the Challenge League throne

Thon – Zion 1:1

Dechy Challenge League Round 17 Season 23/24


No winner in Challenge League top-flight match: Thun and Sion drew 1-1 in the top-flight match. Thanks to the points win, the Falaise defended their lead in the standings.

FC Sion defended their place at the top of the table thanks to a draw in the Bernese Oberland and remain two points ahead of Thun. In the end, they both seemed to be able to get along at one point on that cold, wet evening.

The first and currently only chaser got off to the better start and took the lead through Daniel dos Santos after a strong start for a quarter of an hour. The young Portuguese player scored his sixth goal of the season after a great match. Before the end of the first half, Theo Berdais equalized with a goal from Dejan Surjic’s header against the crossbar.

Thon Dos Santos shooting star: “I’m very grateful to play for the U-21 national team”


Schaffhausen paves the way

Schaffhausen won the cellar match against Baden 2-0 for the first time in two months. Schaffhausen has not won since October 6 and is without a win in five matches, but after the victory over Baden, the bottom team is now just two points behind the second-bottom side of Aargau. Agustin Gonzalez and Orgis Bungaku’s penalty kick made things clear before the end of the first half.

Small win for Newnes Stadium

Nyony Stadium improved to third place thanks to a 1-0 win over Vaduz.

Nunes Stadium – Vaduz 1-0

Dechy Challenge League Round 17 Season 23/24



Thon – Sion 1: 1 (1: 1). – 5076 spectators. – Real Saint-Germain – Goals: 16. Daniel Dos Santos 1:0. 35. Bardayah 1:1.

Neon – Vaduz 1:0 (1:0). – S.R. Kovanagh. – Goal: 4. Strohbach 1-0. – Comments: Yellow and red card No. 92 against Weser (Vaduz). 64. Omirajic (Nyon) saves a penalty kick from Julliard.

Schaffhausen – Baden 2:0 (2:0). – Real Mandash. – Goals: 14. Gonzalez 1-0. 43. Bungaku (penalty kick) 2:0.

Goals of the match between Thon and Sion in the video

Minute 35: Pardais equalizes for Sion


Minute 17: Dos Santos puts Thon in front