May 18, 2024

Life by You is similar to Sims 4 with an open world and real language instead of Simlish

Life by You is coming in September and could be tough competition for The Sims.

At the beginning of March, Paradox Interactive unveiled the new life simulator from its California studio, Paradox Tectonic. It’s called Life by You and it made it clear in the first teaser that a modern The Sims alternative awaits us here. And as promised in the announcement, the first real information about Life Sim was released today, which also gives us a better picture of how different Life by You will be from The Sims 4.

Life by You presents itself as a modern alternative to Sims 4

Even the first teaser of Life by You left no doubt that a life simulator awaits us here that strongly reminds us of The Sims series: in Human Creator we create people with personality traits and personal backgrounds, make a career, start a family, build our dream home, pay attention to the needs Such as fun, hygiene, urination, etc.

Life by You does a few things differently than The Sims 4: Although the concept may be similar, Life by You, as “the most customizable and open life simulator”, is said to differ significantly from the current The Sims 4 in some ways. In addition to the obvious, less embellished appearance, the following are particularly noteworthy when it comes to features:

  1. open world: Unlike The Sims 4, there should be an open, fully customizable game world with no loading screens. We should also be able to do quests there to unlock new experiences.
  2. Real language: Speech bubbles with emoticons and babbling were imaginary yesterday – Life by You is not based on a fictional language like Simlish, but on a real language (according to screenshots in English). Conversations need to be unique to the situation and we need to be able to help shape them.
  3. More varied controls: It will not only be possible to command humans through a third-person view, but also to directly control them by dragging and dropping.
  4. Lots of tools and mods: Developers point to a lot of creative freedom. So we should be able to create our own in-game content with mods. The creator and editor tools should also help “improve every aspect of our experience”. This ranges from the exact color design of the clothes thanks to the color spectrum (hue, brightness, saturation) to adjusting the available dialog options.
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You can get a better sense of Life by You in the first trailer:

New Sims competitor Life by You showcases the first gameplay in the trailer


New Sims competitor Life by You showcases the first gameplay in the trailer

When will life come out of you? The Life sim should cost around €40 and will launch on September 12, 2023 on PC in early access. Those who pre-order can secure some items such as furniture.

It is not revealed how long the game will have to be developed with the community. So the final release date is still pending. It’s also unclear what the status of the PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch versions will be. But we will keep in touch with you in this regard.

Now that the first wave of information is known, you probably already have an opinion about Life by You. Write them to us in the comments!