LG is working on “invisible speakers” for cars

Installing a good car audio system takes a lot of space. This shouldn’t be the case anytime soon – at least that’s what LG promises with sound innovation.


The basics in brief

  • Technology manufacturer LG has announced that it is working on “invisible speakers”.
  • The “speakers” are as big as a passport and therefore a huge space saver.
  • LG intends to use it to soon replace traditional audio solutions in cars.

LG Tech Group has already made a preview of one of the innovations that will be shown at CES in January. This is what the company wants New las vegas megaphones Launch with a special form factor. They are about passport size and therefore should be able to be stowed invisibly in cars.

Is LG reinventing the volume wheel?

manufacturer calls It’s all in its own press release “Subtle Operator Audio Solution”. They are installed in the car to save space and use the car’s materials as resonators to generate sound. However, this technology is not really new. Bluetooth speakers have been around for years, and turn just about anything into a speaker in a similar fashion.

In 2016, Lewis Hilsenteger demonstrated a similar product at Unbox Therapy.

However, LG seems to have found a new way to reproduce audio in the car here. one physicist proof However, it does not exist yet.

But we don’t have to wait long anymore. From January 5 to 8, 2023 it will take place in Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show (CES) rather than offering an audio solution.

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