July 16, 2024

LG is said to have stopped manufacturing smartphones

LG is said to have stopped manufacturing smartphones

LG has taken an important step towards taking it Turn off his cellphone company. The latest LG phones went off the assembly line and the company won’t manufacture them anymore Telephone After the Monday post Asia works every day. Engadget contacted LG to confirm this.

The company announced plans to stop its telephony business in early April, but it continued to manufacture cell phones for a few months to fulfill contracts with cellular carriers. A factory in Vietnam, where LG has built many of its smartphones, is being converted into a home appliance factory. Business Asia newspaper mentioned.

After years Loss of cash Regarding the division, LG said it will end its failed wireless business by the end of July, although it may continue selling some devices beyond this date. People who buy LG phone will still receive it Up to three years Android OS updates. In addition, the company provides four years after-sales service from the date of manufacturing. Meanwhile the company He Said The company sold a limited quantity of the Velvet 2 Pro and LG Rollable Presented at CES in January, Exclusively for its employees in South Korea.

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