May 23, 2024

let’s dance | Motsi Mabus confirmed: King Charles and Camilla

King Charles and his Camilla A large number of fans of Motsi Mabus – She invited the dancer to the state banquet at Bellevue Palace!

Getty Images/Andreas Rentz/Max Mumby/Nellie

Did you know this Mutsy Mabus (41) Is it as popular in Great Britain as it is in Germany? The South African native has been a juror in the British competition since 2019 “Let’s dance” counterpart “Let’s dance strictly”.

how Image is currently reportedlined up among their fans on the island as well Charles (74) and Camilla (75) a. According to the newspaper, when the couple comes to an official banquet at Berlin’s Bellevue Palace at the end of March, Mabuse and her husband should also be there. Evgeny Voznyuk (39) Be on the guest list!

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Let’s Dance: Motsi Mabuse Meets King Charles

It is not only the German jury that enriches Mutsy Mabuse with its warm nature. Photo: RTL/Stefan Gregorowius

Royal tribute to Motsi Mabuse. As reported by Bild, Charles and Camila Mabuse have been invited to Buckingham Palace several times. However, getting to know each other has failed so far due to scheduling difficulties. Reason enough for the dancing monarch at the state banquet that Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier (67) Your Highness to put her on the guest list.

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Let’s Dance: Motsi Mabuse is flattered

Mabuse had already confirmed the invitation to the newspaper: “It is a great honor and pleasure that His Majesty invited me and my husband to the state banquet hosted by the Federal President and expressed his desire to get to know my husband and I,” she said. Newspaper. The couple is looking forward to getting to know each other in person. “Maybe we’ll exchange something about dancing.”

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Motsi Mabuse for “Strictly Come Dancing”

Motsi Mabuse for “Strictly Come Dancing” Photo: Getty Images/Lia Toby

By the way, Strictly Come Dancing will be shown in the UK in the second half of the year. In the past, Mabuse often had to cancel solo dates on the Let’s Dance tour in Germany in order to fulfill her obligations as a juror there. By the way, her sister Hotel Mapos (32) Part of the professional cast of “Strictly Come Dancing”.