December 7, 2023

Let iCloud Keychain crackle on Windows

Let iCloud Keychain crackle on Windows

Chrome browser

ICloud Keychain finds its way to Windows computers via a Chrome extension. Photo: Zacharie Scheurer / dpa-tmn

(Photo: dpa)

This is more convenient: an Apple It has now published the official iCloud-Passwords extension for Chrome, which – as usual with Safari and Apple devices – can recall and save passwords for services and websites along with payment information. The extension is clearly still one An initial copyThat can already be installed and used.

For everyone who doesn’t work with an iCloud keychain, Apple has one on its support pages booklet Ready to go. Password Manager also suggests secure passwords and warns of weak, reused, or hacked access codes. The company ensures secure end-to-end encryption for the flow of sensitive data between end devices and Apple servers.

Initial copy of iCloud passwords for Chrome

Set up iCloud Keychain

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