June 14, 2024

Fully home or remote office, there is a difference.

Less money for colleagues in the home office? workers for it

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Working from home is a relief for many employees. Travel costs and distances are eliminated and you stay connected with your colleagues online.

Not everyone finds the freedom that employees can enjoy in a home office beneficial. For employers, it means that they have less control over workers. Others worry about the cohesion of the team. A recent survey showed that about 36 percent of those surveyed have communication problems in home office to have.

Fully home or remote office, there is a difference. (Iconic image) © Xavier Lorenzo / Imago

Work from home or completely remotely: The employees surveyed have different opinions

in YouGovIn the survey, employees from Germany, France and the United Kingdom were asked how they felt about working from home. There have been some surprising results. For example, 23 percent of Germans say they would quit their job if they had to go to the office five days a week.

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German and French workers want lower wages for even remote workers

Nearly a third of those surveyed from Germany and France support colleagues who only work from home and receive lower salaries. The British are more likely to give their faraway colleagues exactly the same salary as they do.

There is an agreement on four days a week

Respondents agree regarding a business model Four days a week: nearly 80 percent business model to benefit from. This can be tested as the gate wicked business I mentioned, but not that many. Nearly 20 per cent can try the four-day work week in France, and about 5 per cent of workers in the UK can try this model. According to the survey, nine percent of those surveyed could do so in Germany.

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