June 21, 2024

Lenzerheide without the sprints - also no Super G races at the end of the season - the sport

Lenzerheide without the sprints – also no Super G races at the end of the season – the sport

  • On Thursday, the season-ending Super J races took place in Lenzerheide, victim of the weather.
  • After several delays due to the fog, the organizers were forced to surrender shortly after 11 am.
  • The little crystal balls go to Lara Gut-Behrami and Vincent Kriechmayr (AUT).
  • Team competition as well as slalom and giant slalom are still on the show at Lenzerheide.

The organizers at Lenzerheide don’t really envy: Plenty of fresh snow and fog disturbed them on Thursdays, too. Dozens of assistants worked hard to ensure that the two Super G races could still be saved.

But after the early morning postponement, it was clear after 11 am: After the incline run on Wednesday, two Super-Gs cannot be held on Thursday either.

Crystal for Bahrami food and cashmere

Wins in the disciplined World Cup go to Lara Gott Behrami, who secured the crystal ball ahead of schedule, and to Vincent Krishmeyer. Before the end of the season, the Austrian had an 83-point difference against Marco Odermatt. For its part, Ticino scored 202 more points than its first competitor Federica Brignoni (Italy).

The Swiss in all-out World Cup duels are in a bad position

In the fight for the big crystal balls, Lenzerheide’s bad luck and the double rejection of the Swiss were truly bitter: Marco Odermatt could have scored important points on captain Alexis Pinturault (FRA) in sprints. The same is true for Gut-Behrami, who is currently second behind technician Petra Vlhova (SVK) in the all-out World Cup battle.

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For technical reasons, races may not be postponed at the end of the season. This had already caused discussions after the departures were canceled.

Second speed “zero” after 2013

It is only the second time in this millennium that the two sprints have been canceled at the end of the season. The last time this happened in 2013 – also on Lenzerheide, when the Super-G was canceled after 10 drivers.

This means that the team competition will be the first race in Graub√ľnden on Friday. On Saturday, men lead the giant slalom and on Sunday the slalom. For women, the software is just the opposite.