Leipzig swimmer Marie Petrushka 6th Olympic with relay

like. Swimming SSG Leipzig’s Marie Petrushka improved again in her first Olympic final – but not the full 4x200m freestyle relay. So it stayed sixth on Thursday night as in the previous period, at 7:53.89 minutes the four women were at the end 1.83 seconds slower than they had been the previous evening.


Swimming started privately. Isabel Goose of Magdeburg couldn’t build on her good performance before and handed her eighth and final place on the field. Marie Petrushka started the race again as the third German and led the relay from seventh to sixth. The 26-year-old started her section much more aggressively than she had the day before, swimming the first two tracks about a second faster. Even if she couldn’t keep her pace, the bottom line was that at 1:58.36 minutes she was four tenths of a second faster than she had been in the previous period.

Sixth place also means second place in Europe, because only the Russians were second fastest in the continental comparison – they would have been cracked if everything worked out. In the lead, China (world record), USA (American record), Australia (Oceania record) and Canada swam in a completely different league. Believe it or not, the German women were losing twelve seconds on the podium—three seconds for each swimmer. The big question is how Germany intends to catch up with the world’s leaders. And the successor of Marie Petrushka, who is about to start her career as a psychiatrist and may not be preparing for the Olympic Games again, will have to solve this problem.

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Marie Petrushka said after the final: “I’m really happy that I was able to improve again. I was incredibly insecure before the race, because my butt got worse. After ripping off the 4×100, all of a sudden I didn’t really know what I could really do. But now it’s all Great thing, he was really excited. Sixth place in the world feels good. I’m just sad that we couldn’t attack the German record.”

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