October 3, 2023

LEGO 2K Drive: Free Trial lets you step on the gas

The LEGO 2K Drive elevator presentation actually reads like an ode. You race fast cars across an open world reminiscent of the Forza Horizon series in its core features and freedom. This approach is combined with premium building blocks, where you can assemble your own vehicles as you wish. If you’re still hesitating before buying, 2K Games now has a special opportunity for you.

Do you love LEGO and fast cars, but don’t know if the combination of fast racing blocks and riveting really ignites your turbocharger? Then 2K Games now has an exciting opportunity for you to get a taste of the LEGO 2K Drive. As fellow tester Matthias pointed out, you should too, because in a fun racer you get a complete feel-good buzz.

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The free testing phase is taking place on almost all systems, with only speedrunners on Nintendo Switch currently left empty-handed. Depending on the platform, you can either get off immediately or wait for another week.

If you’re on PC via Steam, Xbox One, and Xbox Series The free phase runs from September 7 to September 11, 2023.

But what will it contain? The game is complete without restrictions. So you have full access to all 1000 available terminal blocks with which you can assemble the car as you wish. You can also race with friends in co-op and multiplayer mode. So, if you are not sure if the game is right for you, this is the perfect opportunity.

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LEGO 2K Drive – Video introduces the first Drive Pass

The video introduces the new content available to you starting Wednesday as part of the first Season of Drive Pass for LEGO 2K Drive.