Left-handed people and loners are smart – really?

IQ characteristics

Single and left-handed people are supposed to be smarter – is that true?

Elle says that a complex person has more brains. world does not agree.


Elle writes that intelligent people find it difficult to make small talk. For they are called to higher things than joking about the weather and shoes.

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  • According to Elle magazine, signs of intelligence appear when someone falls in love or prefers to be alone.

  • Physical traits also indicated more brains: tall, left-handed people were smarter.

  • Intelligence researcher Jacob Pecheneg disagrees. He only halfway accepts one outcome.

Someone says, “If any of these three characteristics apply to you, you are smart.” Article from Elle magazine:

  • You need time to fall in love. It is said that intelligent people have a hard time falling head over heels in love. They generally think a lot about everything, including the consequences of the new person in life. Intelligent people often put their own goals before the goals of others, which is why they are ready for love only later. Additionally, their expectations for the relationship are high.

  • considered antisocial. Who likes it? Spending time alone You are labeled as antisocial, but in fact they are smarter. “Intelligent people need time and rest to allow their ideas to mature. They are less likely to be distracted by people, noise, and social obligations.”

There are also physical characteristics by which we can identify intelligent people, as stated in Another article “Elle”. One of them is body size. The older, the wiser This was found in a study with young adults. In addition, a large head indicates intelligence. Studies show that people who have a large head as infants are more likely to obtain a college degree later, and are also more intelligent and successful in old age.

Finally: Left-handers are proven to be more creative and flexible human beings, which is likely related to the ability to use both hemispheres of the brain more easily. According to legend, left-handed people are also smarter.

Head size is an indicator – but only to a limited extent

Jacob Pecheneg, an intelligence researcher at the University of Vienna, can gain something from just one of these statements: “There is an actual correlation between head size and IQ, but it is small.”

The other statements are, frankly, nonsense, the researcher says. He is not surprised, because the topic of intelligence is shrouded in myths and misconceptions. For example, people still think that classical music makes you smart. The so-called “Mozart effect”, which is said to have an effect even in childhood, But back to the misinformation in a New York Times article from the early 1990s. In the 20-minute interview Which really makes you smart, says Pietschnig.

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