June 23, 2024

Leaks Confirmed – New content coming in June

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from: Eileen Udovenko

GTA Online’s 2023 Summer Update leak has been confirmed. Rockstar Games has announced the San Andreas Mercenaries DLC.

Update from June 2, 2023 at 5:00 PM: The suspected Tez2 data factor was confirmed. The 2023 Summer Update for GTA Online will be released on June 13 under the name San Andreas Mercenaries. Announce the next update Rockstar Games in a blog post in.

The update will be released for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and PC and will include new content centered around the private military. There will also be new weapons, new vehicles, and other quality of life improvements.

launch March 15, 2022
Publishers rock games
Row grand theft auto
platform PS5, Xbox Series X, and Series S.
Developer rock games
Type Action, open world

Original post from June 2, 2023: Hamburg – The big summer update 2023 should bring a breath of fresh air to the streets of Los Santos. And GTA Online fans can look forward to new content from Rockstar Games sooner than previously thought. Because according to a data designer, this year’s summer update won’t be long in coming. Even the exact date has already been mentioned.

According to insiders, GTA Online: Summer Update 2023 is coming much earlier than expected.

Then comes the update: Every year, Rockstar Games releases a big summer update for GTA Online, bringing tons of new content to players. In the past, updates were available online in late July or early August. The GTA data worker has now revealed that the 2023 Summer Update can be expected much sooner. Because according to Tez2, the changes will come on June 13th.

GTA Online Summer Update 2023: Release date leaked – coming much earlier than expected © Rockstar Games

But Tez2 can also support his assumption. In a Twitter post, Rockstar Games said that GTA+ will expire on June 12, but later corrected the date to June 7. According to Tez2, this is not a typo, but rather an accidental leak that GTA+ should be extended for another week. This was already the case with previous updates, and thus led him to conclude that the end of GTA+ on June 12th would be followed by the release of the Summer Update.

Also, there has been no reminder from Rockstar Games yet that GTA+ membership is about to expire. In fact, this always happens at least two weeks before the end of the current period. So if Tez2’s suspicions come true, the Summer 2023 update will come a month earlier than originally expected.

Who is Tez2?

Tez2 is one of the biggest GTA data miners and continues to bring new information from leaks to GTA Online and GTA 6 to light. On Twitter, he provides his 319,000 followers with information about the franchise almost every day, as well as other games from Rockstar Forge. It has also proven to be a trustworthy source many times in the past.

GTA Online: Summer Update 2023 is coming in June – Fans suspect GTA 6 announcement

This is what fans suspect: The early release of the GTA Online update has fans buzzing their ears and some suspect GTA 6 is the cause. Even a first trailer for the sixth part of the series is expected. A fan who was already tired of waiting quickly created his own trailer for GTA 6.

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Rockstar Games has not yet confirmed if the big summer update 2023 for GTA Online will be released in July. There is no information about the content yet. But if the leak is true, there will surely be more details about the update soon.