April 23, 2024

Leaked Day 1 Patch Notes – buffs for 4 chapters

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from: Philip Hansen

Diablo 4 Early Access begins with the Day One patch. Changes in Libra are now known unofficially. The update contains buffs and nerfs.

Irvine, USA – Diablo 4 celebrates its release on the night of June 5/6. Now it is unofficially known how the first day of launch will change in the game. The update is probably smaller than first thought, but it does make 4 of the 5 classes in Diablo 4 stronger and one item is clearly going down. We show you the patch notes in German that you should know about Diablo 4 Early Access.

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game title Diablo IV
Version (date first published) 06/06/2023
Publishers Blizzard Entertainment
series Diablo
platform PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and PC
Developer Blizzard Entertainment
Type Hack and Slay, Action RPG

Diablo 4 is supposed to introduce an item in the Day 1 patch tonight, but make 4 classes stronger

Diablo 4 Day One patch: Just a few hours, on the night of June 2nd, and then it begins Diablo 4. We already know there’s a day 1 patch, so there’s an update right after release. Diablo 4’s patch notes have confused fans, so Blizzard had to clarify.

What’s in tonight’s update? It was initially said that big balance changes are coming for Diablo 4. This could mean that pretty much all builds and tier lists will be useless after the update. However, the changes from the now-published unofficial patch notes are less dramatic than initially feared. Here are the leaked changes for four chapters of Diablo 4:

  • barbaric: The Ancestral Echoes side gives a 40-50% chance of summoning the Ancestral (Ultimate ability) to auto-trigger and use one of their abilities as Whirlwind when using Whirlwind. Is this really enough to make the barbarian stronger?
  • priest: Improved Cataclysm, Petrify, Grizzly Rage and Lacerate ability durations, now lasting 1-2 seconds. Solid buffs definitely make the priest more attractive.
  • Hunter (Rogue): Dash now deals a little more damage to enemies: 36% instead of 32%. A little orange, but you’ll feel a lot in it.
  • Necromancer (Necromancer): The Golem passively deals a bit more damage (21% from 17%) and now automatically absorbs 15% of the damage you would take. When actively summoned, the Golem no longer taunts enemies, but instead swallows 4% of enemies and heals itself. Strong increase.
  • Elixir nerfpotions that make you stronger for 30 minutes: the chance of critical hits is halved (from 8 to 4% to 12 to 6%). Elixir for evasion is also weakened, but only slightly.
Diablo 4 Patch Notes for Day 1 Update Known Unofficially – Bufft Chapters 4 © Blizzard (Montage)

Diablo 4 is getting a version update – these are the unofficial patch notes

Where do patch notes come from? Information about the update does not come from Blizzard itself. We have the changes from the experts at WoWHead. They’ve read the Patch 1.0.2 (Day 1 Update) files from the game itself, since the start of the Diablo 4 preload. Even if the patch notes are very likely, keep in mind that there could still be changes and the information is just leaks.

If you can’t stand the last few hours leading up to release, you’ll find our review of Diablo 4 here, which finally attests to Blizzard’s success after 10 years. So you’re all set tonight: Everything about Diablo 4 Start Early Access – Time, Day 1 patch and more.

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