July 17, 2024

LE in Tokyo with canoe Tina Dietze: Imagine her third games

LE in Tokyo with canoe Tina Dietze: Imagine her third games

like. She’s been living out of the bag for nearly three weeks. Initially, there were twelve days of training camp in Duisburg with partly rain, where I also watched the opening ceremony. Then he went to the idyllic Japanese Naka, where the German boaters had the hotel and training track to themselves. Tina Dizzi finally arrives in Tokyo on Friday, where her third Olympics really begins Monday night (4:08 a.m.) with qualifying in a kayak for two.


She’s already won four Olympic medals – including a gold in London in 2012 – in her long career. The SG LVB paddle also has two chances in Tokyo – two on Tuesday and four on Saturday. It is clear, however, that the battle for medals is getting more and more difficult from time to time. Previous successes do not bring any reward, as the rowers just suffered so painfully.

By the way, Tina Dietze’s bag has become more and more full over the years. “I don’t go anywhere without my pillow.” Since neck pain doesn’t have to be when the door is opened, it reduces long-term performance. And the acupuncture mat, which she could not stand at first and who already fell asleep, became an indispensable part of her gym equipment. After more than 20 years of competitive sport, renewal is increasingly important for the 33-year-old.

Whatever comes out of Tokyo: Tina Dizzi can be proud of how she’s stayed on top since picking up two silvers in Rio in the past five years, and she also perfected the twelve-month “roll of honor” after the Olympics was postponed. “This winter, of all things, has been long and cold – but somehow time has passed.” Shortly before qualifying in April, she had some doubts, but it disappeared after the first race. She continued to improve, running into the World Cup hard in May and having to deal with a setback with the Women’s Kayak European Championships medal at the beginning of June. “Some girls have had a few days to nibble on. I said to myself: We are not machines. And it doesn’t work without special preparation. We just finished a series of competitions and crawled on our gums.”

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So we went to the crucial stage of preparation with new courage. The women had eight weeks to return to basic training and then work on fine-tuning and vitality. The adjustment worked perfectly, “only on the third day I backed off a little.” It’s yesterday’s news. For the first time, Tina Dietz is sitting in the same boat with another woman from Leipzig at the Olympics. Melanie Gebhardt (SC DHfK) rows in front of her in a quad.

Unlike men, the boats safely reached Japan. Also the paddles, which are carefully wrapped in towels like a sanctuary before checking in luggage. Let’s move on to your third game. Is it really your last? Gestures of Tina Dietz. Then she says with a smile, “You should never say never.” There is one event that has more than just in the back of its head: the 2022 World Championships we are launching. Now it’s all about the maximum seven races and two medal chances in Tokyo.