June 20, 2024

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Lawyers in Britain are on strike to demand a pay rise

With the indefinite strike, lawyers in Great Britain want to press their demands for higher wages and better working conditions. Members of the Criminal Bar Association (CBA) announced today that they have voted to walk out from 5 September.

Thousands of cases may be further delayed. Advocates or lawyers who try cases in court – have been on strike since late June. Meanwhile, they are not accepting new cases or taking over clients from overburdened colleagues.

25 percent salary hike required

The union is demanding 25 percent more pay for public defenders. The Justice Department had announced a 15 per cent hike at the end of September. But the CBA refuses because the offer doesn’t apply to existing cases, so it will take years for the increase to actually reach lawyers. As of the end of April, a total of 58,271 cases were pending.

Barristers have suffered a significant fall in real pay over the years, and new entrants are being deterred by lower incomes, the association argues. The ministry has criticized that because of the strike, many victims will have to wait even longer for justice.

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