Lawsuit threatens: HC Bozen & Co flashes with exception request – ICEHL

Dual national Dan Catenacci could count more points in the future than before due to his international youth in Canada.

For a few days it has been clear what the new aliens roster in ICE Hockey League looks like. Now the first quarrels have already reached the audience. HC Bozen is affected – but not only.

The cause of dual citizenship caused a lot of waves in ICE. At the request of some clubs, a new regulation has been found that can be described as a compromise (click here forNews SportsArticle on the new directive. For some ICE players, including slots from HC Bozen, there should be an exception permit – but the request was denied.

In the future, an ICE professional from abroad must have played for 480 days in Italy (or another participating country) to be considered a dual citizen. For players who switched to the league in the previous year, so before this rule goes into effect, an exception permit must be obtained, as revealed by Viennese scout Bernd Fremüller. Because this has been denied, ICE is now threatened with a lawsuit from the clubs involved.

Location near Bozen, Salzburg and Pustertal

Not only HC Bozen is among them. Salzburg also wanted to achieve such an extraordinary organization of Peter Hochköfler of Eban, but he also failed. In the case of the Foxes, Dylan de Berna, Matthew Petroneiro and Dustin Gazle, among others will be affected – regardless of potential contract extensions that HCB has yet to announce. Dan Catinaci, who played several internationals for Canada in his youth, will also get more points on the list in the future.

Peter Hochkofler has been a contractor in Salzburg since 2015, but has not received any exceptional approval. © APA / EXPA / JFK

Wehrvar also had a number of double nationals on the team and there were also a few Austrian clubs. HC Pustertal does not yet have any affected dual nationals on the team for the current season. Italian footballer Anthony Bardaro, who moved from HCB to Bruneck, is not subject to the rule due to his professional time at Bolzano and AlpsHL.

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