Lauterbach calls for stricter contact ban – RKI reports another increase in infection to 258.6

Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach Want one quickly, according to a newspaper Entering mandatory vaccination without creating a vaccination record. Lauterbach, RedaktionsNetzwerk Deutschland (Wednesday editions) said he is working on a proposal, according to a preliminary report. “Omikron as an unclean vaccination is not a substitute for compulsory vaccination”, Said the Social Democratic Party politician. In addition, he wanted to tighten communication restrictions at the federal state convention on Friday. Lauterbach also addressed new vaccination targets. “According to modeling by the Robert Koch Institute, the goal should be that more than 80 percent of those vaccinated twice also have a booster, i.e. 56 percent of the population.”

In interstate federal consultations on the coronavirus pandemic on Friday, Lauterbach also wants to shorten quarantine times Stricter connection restrictions push through. “Unfortunately, tightening will be necessary to counteract the severe wave coming our way,” Lauterbach told the German Liberation Network (RND, Wednesday). “I will make suggestions.”

He did not give details, but emphasized in particular For unvaccinated people, there is no reason to give everything clear. “You can’t promise them that you will remove the restrictions on contacting them in the short or medium term,” Lauterbach said. “My plea to the unvaccinated is that they be vaccinated at least once quickly so that they at least have a significant protective effect for the course of the very serious disease.”

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