October 5, 2023

Latest news: Berlin is ready to accept refugees from Afghanistan

Berlin (France Press agency) – Berlin has agreed to accept refugees from Afghanistan. Along with other federal states, Berlin will accept a group of refugees “who have campaigned for democracy in Afghanistan,” said Interior Ministry Senator Andreas Gesell (SPD) “Tagspiegel” (Sunday edition). For this, “urgent decisions at the federal level” are essential.

The Berlin merger’s senator, Elke Brettenbach, of the Die Linke party, also announced in “Tagesspiegel” a “humanitarian aid campaign in which Berlin will of course take part”.

Bettina Garach, the top green candidate for the parliamentary elections in Berlin, sees Germany and Berlin as responsible. “Berlin should make an offer to the federal government to take a share of the refugees as part of the German measures,” she told the newspaper.

The extremist Islamic Taliban movement is on the rise in Afghanistan. After capturing the provincial capital, Pul-i-Alam, they are only about 50 kilometers from Kabul. Many Islamists fled the Afghan capital.

Photo: © AFP/Archive STEFANIE LOOS/Berlin Senator for Internal Affairs Andreas Geisel (SPD)

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