June 20, 2024

Large scale photo app available soon for more smartphones

Large scale photo app available soon for more smartphones

Samsung wants to give more people the opportunity to fully exploit their smartphone cameras – but not every model can be supported.

Expert RAW so far only for Ultra . models

While we’re primarily concerned with the “right” cameras here on Photografix, smartphone photography also has a huge number of fans, and rightfully so. Samsung has just started the year with its new high-end models of the S22 series and of course the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is once again focusing noticeably on the cameras, of which there are four on the back.

But not only hardware, software also plays a major role when taking photos with a mobile phone. For this, the South Korean company Samsung introduced Expert RAW last year, which provides significantly more setting options. Initially, the app was only compatible with the Galaxy S21 Ultra, but now the S22 Ultra has been added. But fortunately it doesn’t have to stop there.

Samsung Expert RAW is out of beta soon

In the February 25 The application changes from beta to final state, explains the person in charge of the program at Samsung im korean official forum. Shortly before that, they want to publish a list of all the supported smartphones. It appears that it is not possible to determine which forms will be included at this time.

The developer looks at all models from the past two years and checks for compatibility. This depends, for example, on the installed sensors and lenses. However, it is clear that Only the best models are in questionFor example, Galaxy S-series smartphones, the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3 foldable phones were probably introduced recently. Product lines like the Galaxy A stand a rather weak chance of Samsung Expert RAW.

Samsung Expert RAW can do it

Samsung Expert RAW provides access to several options such as shutter speed, aperture, ISO, and white balance for each of the four lenses. Even fans of manual focus get their money here. Finally, as the name of the app suggests, you can save images as a 16-bit DNG file, which allows for detailed image editing.


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via: SamMobile | Featured Image: Daniel Romero