April 22, 2024

Lara Gut-Bahrami takes a big step toward the all-around World Cup finals in Quettaville

1. Lara Gut Bahrami (Swiss) 1.33.52
2. Cornelia Hutter (Australia) +0.12
3. Miriam Büchner (Austria) +0.13

6. Federica Brignone (ITA) +0.31
21. Delia Durer (Switzerland) +1.93
25. Jasmina Sutter (Switzerland) +2.04
29-Prisca Nover (Swiss) +2.40
32. Michel Jessen (Swiss) +2.73
34. Stephanie Genal (Swiss) +2.90
39. Noemi Kohli (Swiss) +3.45

With a bold ride, Gut-Behrami confidently left behind her competitors.Image: Cornerstone

Lara Gut-Bahrami is fast approaching the crystal balls at the Ski World Cup. With her eighth win of the season in the first two matches of the Super-G tournament in Kvitville, the Lady of Canton Ticino extended her lead in World Cup totals to more than 300 points.

March 2, 2024, 10:30 amMarch 2, 2024, 3:37 p.m

This season too, the headlines at the Alpine Skiing World Cup largely belong to Marco Odermatt. The best Swiss woman is not far from dominant among men: Lara Gut-Bahrami is also on her way to four crystal balls this winter. After winning the Super-G in Kvitfjell on Saturday at the 1994 Olympics, she now leads the overall World Cup by 305 points.

It would be the devil to have Gut Bahrami intercepted in such impressive form in the World Cup overall. Seven races, including only two slaloms, remain suspended. Her first chaser, Mikaela Shiffrin, who has not competed in any races since her crash in Cortina d'Ampezzo at the end of January, will return to the World Cup in Are as soon as within a week. Third place is Federica Brignone, sixth on Saturday, 346 points behind Gut Bahrami.

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On his way to becoming the oldest World Cup winner overall

At 32, eight years after her first win, Gut Bahrami is on the verge of becoming the oldest World Cup winner. Their podium finish rate this season is 60 percent with 14 top-three finishes in 23 races, and their win rate is approximately 35 percent.

In the giant slalom classifications, Gut-Behrami is also hard to catch with two races to go, with a 135-point lead, and she also leads the downhill and super-G races, where she is now 25 points ahead of Cornelia Hütter. . The Austrian came closest on Saturday when she came in second place.

Gut-Behrami dodged the issue of crystal balls even after the win in Kvitfjell by focusing on the second Super-G on Sunday. However, it has become clear that all is currently well in her skating world. “I gained a lot of speed at the bottom, but I could skate more aggressively at the top,” she said of her ride over Hutter. And her compatriot Miriam Buchner, with a difference of 12 and 13 hundredths, respectively.

Pieces of the puzzle are falling into place

Gut Bahrami continued that the fact that things are going well this season and that she has already won her eighth race does not seem like a dream. Rather, she has worked hard over many years to reach this point. “Right now, I'm especially happy that all the pieces of the puzzle are fitting together. “I'm healthy,” the 45-time World Cup winner said.

Since the vision was not ideal, Gut Behrami prevented the Swiss team from losing in Quettaville. In the absence of the injured trio of Corinne Suter, Jasmine Fleury and Joanna Hallen, Delia Dürer was the second best Swiss woman in 21st place. Jasmina Sutter and Prisca Nover finished in 25th and 29th place, and Michelle Gisin dropped points in 33rd place. (NIH/DAP)

Swiss skiing has 10 or more World Cup victories


Swiss skiing has 10 or more World Cup victories

Alpine skiing is considered a Swiss national sanctuary. These are the most successful drivers in history.

Source: Keystone/Jean-Christophe Bout

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