February 25, 2024

Laphroaig sent British orders from Berlin to Great Britain

Laphroaig sent British orders from Berlin to Great Britain

We traveled twice this month about the changes and difficulties in the whiskey business After Brexit Report the situation. Today we can add another episode:

Steve Adkins of Buckinghamshire wanted to give his friend in Glasgow a bottle of Laphroaig for his birthday. He ordered this online on Islay – as usual and has done it thousands of times by other clients in the same way. However, after a month, there was still no glass bottle for his friend, and there was no news of where it was either. So Steve Adkins emailed a Selection Prestige distributor. He responded immediately and cited Brexit as the reason for the long delay:

We are professionals (unlike people who have implemented Brexit) and we know exactly what we are doing. We send thousands of packages to all kinds of countries every year. In no other country we see such an import chaos as it is in the UK today.
That Laphroaig put on the burden of shipping Scotch whiskey from Germany to the UK is truly a pity, to say the least. However, this was not our decision, but rather the brand. “

what happened? Laphroaig moved its European Shipping Center to Germany in 2018 in preparation for Brexit. Orders from Great Britain are currently shipped from here. In concrete terms, this means that the bottle ordered online on Islay will be shipped from Berlin to Glasgow. Of course, this also currently means that these parcels are subject to customs regulations in effect since January 1, 2021 (which we have already reported). Of course, all of this is taking longer than it did during British European Union terms.

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As a Laphroaig spokesperson said, Laprhoaig addressed the issue. Starting this week, UK customers will receive their orders from the UK warehouse.