July 14, 2024

Lantern Experiences in Fortnite – How to secure 6 items

Lantern Experiences in Fortnite – How to secure 6 items


The Lantern Festival event takes place in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2. There players can flick some rewards. It’s easy.

The Lantern Festival is currently underway in Fortnite. Since Wednesday, players have been able to compete in the Linked Lantern Test. There are six items as a reward for the tasks that have been solved. We’ll tell you how to get your hands on the items.



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First, players have to register for the Lantern Exam. There is only one for this Register on the official website it is necessary. This is free and only required to check progress in the game. Every day from April 20th to April 25th, there will be a different reward in the Lantern Trial in Fortnite. For the four tokens, players have to get only one point on the given day.

  • Day 1 April 20 – Emoticon “Bumper”
  • Day 2, April 21 – The “Crow’s Eye Roll” symbol
  • Day 3, April 22nd – “Johnzy Sweaty” Emoji
  • Day 4, April 23 – Ranger Twitch Emoticon
  • Day 5 April 24 – Feelings of the previous days

Anyone who missed out on a day still has a chance to get the four emojis in Fortnite. On the fifth day players can make up for it. However, the tasks change daily and will only be announced on the day. The Guiding Light Shell and the Dream Lantern Bag require additional objectives to be completed. This can take some time, as 35 kills should be achieved when drawing on the first day.

Players unlock the Backpack only if they complete two main stages. However, it is possible to complete Lantern Trial challenges in both classic versions battle royale With Build, as well as in the new Zero Build mode. This allows players to get rewards in their preferred way of playing.

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Image source: Epic Games