June 24, 2024

Language confusion: United Airlines London posters confuse Americans

United Airlines advertises in London with a pun. But the Americans who live there don’t understand that at all.

“Help, what do you mean, I’m losing my mind!” , «My head hurts, help me!» “Now I’d like to know where you don’t wear pants outside!” – these are all the reactions of Twitter users who saw United Airlines posters on the London Underground.

The poster shows a girl cartwheeling in a meadow. The saying goes: travel to more than 200 places where you can wear pants outside. The devil is in the details here — or rather, the accent. Because: the word “pants” means “pants” can be read on the label.

Pun fail

However, ‘trousers’ means ‘underwear’ in the UK, and ‘trousers’ means ‘pants’. So United Airlines tried a pun to promote destinations where Britons can speak English but are still far from home. It certainly wasn’t entirely successful. Brits have also mocked the poster on social media, saying it involves thinking outside the box several times.

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