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Langnau wins in the 94th minute – Agui plays against relegation

Now you can go on vacation: The SCL Tigers decide the series in game six – Ajoie plays against touchdowns.Photo: Cornerstone

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The SCL Tigers will continue to play in the National League next season. Get your fourth win in the relegation match against Agoy thanks to a 5-4 win away from home after two hours of extra time in the sixth game.

It was a crazy confrontation. 1:0, 1:2, 4:2, 4:4 goal sequences were in normal time. Harri Bissonen did not decide until the 94th minute. The Finn caught strong goalkeeper Tim Wolf (54 saves) between the sailboats.

Agoy scored the goals from 1: 2 (15) to 4: 2 (31) during 2:16 minutes. Jonathan Hazen and Guillaume Aslin scored 2: 2 and 3: 2 in the space of 13 seconds in the 29th minute. Frederic Gauthier scored the fourth goal for the hosts with a majority.

In the 44th minute, Kody Eiken and defender Sami Lepesto needed just eight seconds to equalize to make it 4: 4. The latter had already saved Langnauer on Thursday with a 2: 2 (58) lead in overtime. Like Alexei Sarella, Ekin scored to make it 2-1 (15) on the power play. In the previous three encounters, Emmentaler had been unsuccessful with a majority.

Meanwhile, Hazen was already leading at 1-0 after just 15 seconds. The 32-year-old Canadian has scored four goals in his last four matches, after going 14 consecutive games without a goal. Hazen has also shown great performance in other respects. Thanks to an assist to make it 4: 2, he scored three points scorer in this duel, like Langnau’s top scorer Fili Saarijärvi.

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The home team started like a firefighter, but wasted more good chances after going 1-0. In the sixth minute, Mateo Voillamoz failed to hit the crossbar. Then the Tigers entered the game better and equalized thanks to Axel Holmström (10th). In the middle third, the Emmentalers had an advantage of up to 2:2. All in all, a tie after 60 minutes was fine.

While Langnauer’s players can now go on holiday, Ajoie has to play against La Chaux-de-Fonds in the league playoffs. After beating Olten 4-0 in the Swiss League final, Neuchâtel is full of self-confidence. The first match will take place in Pruntrut on Thursday.

Ajoie – SCL Tigers 4:5 (1:2, 3:0, 0:2, 0:1)
5178 spectators. SR Stolc (SVK) / Hurlimann, Fuchs / Gurtner.
Portals: 1. (0:15) Hazen 1-0. 10. Holmström (Grossniklaus, Saarijärvi) 1-1. 15. Saarela (Saarijärvi, Eakin/power play) 1:2. 29 verse (28:19) Hazen 2:2 29 verse (28:32) Asselin (Brennan, Gauthier) 3-2. 31. Gauthier (Devos, Hazen/power play) 4:2. 44. (43:35) Eiken (Saarijärvi/power play goal) 4:3. 44) Verse (43:43) Lepesto 4:4 94. People ( Sarila) 4:5.
punish: 4 times 2 minutes against Ajoie, 6 times 2 minutes against SCL Tigers.
PostFinance top scorer: boson. sarigarvi.
ajoy: wolf; Brennan, Bowie. Faye, Billet; Bierbaum, Hauert; Roller. Hazen, DeVos, Rito Dirt; Aslin, Gauthier, Bacchus; Sciaroni, Romanenghi, Bozon; Arnold, Frossard, Voilamoz; Derungs.
SCL Tigers: Bolzhauser. libisto, chelts; Saarijarvi, Grossniklaus; Zried, Guggenheim; Kadunao. bisunen, eken, sarila; Rohrbach, Holmström, Labinskis; burger, dim, salzgeber; Rossi, Flavio Dirt, Doi; Neuschwander.
comments: Ajoie without Thiry (injured) and Gauthier-Leduc (foreign plus), SCL Tigers without Michaelis (injured), Egle and Rautio (both foreign plus).

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