December 10, 2023

Landslides and evacuations after heavy rain on Canada's Pacific coast

Landslides and evacuations after heavy rain on Canada’s Pacific coast

Due to heavy rain, several landslides occurred in Canada on Monday. About 150 people were rescued from the covered cars.

The basics in brief

  • Heavy rain fell on the Pacific coast of Canada on Monday.
  • This led to several landslides.
  • Up to 150 people had to be rescued from their cars.

Heavy rains on the Canadian Pacific coast triggered several landslides on Monday. “Heavy rains and subsequent mudslides/flooding have damaged many highways in the interior of British Columbia,” the provincial Department of Transport said on Twitter. According to media reports, rescue workers were doing their duty to rescue up to 150 people trapped in their cars and trucks among the mudslide near the city of Agassiz.

And in the city of Abbotsford, near Vancouver, the authorities ordered the evacuation of more than a hundred homes in several areas threatened by floods and mudslides, according to Radio Canada. The city of Merritt also urged residents to leave their homes. Emergency centers have been set up for residents in both communities.

Already a hurricane in Vancouver

Environment Canada said in a statement that up to 250 millimeters of rain is expected in and around Vancouver by the afternoon. Vancouver was hit by a rare tornado last week.

British Columbia suffered record temperatures that summer, killing more than 500 people. In addition, devastating forest fires devastated entire regions.

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