Land Rover Farewell: what made Philips’ Farewell Program unique

Prince Philip said out loud, “He picked me up on a Land Rover and took me to Windsor.” The Telegraph To the Queen when the two were ready to look into the funeral details years ago.

True, it may have seemed strange to many observers. Consort Prince Elizabeth II, who died on April 9, was on his last voyage in the loading zone in Landy. Oh my God! But why not. After all, the Duke of Edinburgh personally helped convert the Land Rover Defender TD5130 into a funeral car. They also intended to change their paint business from Belize Green to Dark Bronze Green. The “military color” is more suited to a man who once served as a Admiral in the United Kingdom Army.

(Country) Nobles love Land Rover cars

We remember: In Stephen Frere’s biographical film “The Queen” with Helen Mirren in the title role, there is a scene in which the Queen expertly fixes a broken Land Rover. During World War II, Elizabeth II trained as a truck mechanic. The Angular Land Rover has only been around since 1948, while the Defender model has been virtually unchanged until recently.

The four-wheel drive vehicle was primarily designed as an SUV, for example as a fieldwork aid. Since steel was scarcer than aluminum after WWII, Defender had the distinction from the start by using light metals (on a tubular steel frame). By the end of production in 2016, a total of 2 million units had been delivered, including special models for jungle doctor “Daktari” and Angelina Jolie as “Tomb Raider”.

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