April 25, 2024

Lagg Distillery announces first core collection – Spirituosen-Journal.de

After releasing three editorials last year, Lagg Distillery on the Scottish Isle of Arran is now planning to build its first core collection. The Kilmory Edition will debut in May, followed by the Corriecravie Edition in June. Both single malt whiskeys are based on heavily perforated barley malt with a phenol content of 50 ppm. Named for the community in which the distillery is located, the Lagg Single Malt Kilmory version comes in bourbon barrels that are filled first. There is no indication of age. Bottled at 46 percent alcohol, it’s not cold-filtered and not coloured. According to the official tasting note, the single malt is lively and fresh with an earthy smokiness and notes of vanilla.

Photo: Isle of Arran Distillers

By contrast, the Lagg Single Malt Corriecravie version, named after a nearby village, matures first in ex-bourbon barrels and then for the final six months in ex-Oloroso sherry pigs from Bodega José y Miguel Martín in Jerez de la Frontera. Regarding the entire ripening period, one is silent. The bottling is done with an alcohol content of 55 percent, without cold filtration and without colouring. The official tasting notes promise a single malt with sweeter smoke and robust fruity notes, with peat and spice in perfect balance.

Lagg Single Malt Corriecravie release
Photo: Isle of Arran Distillers

Graham Omand, Director of Lagg’s Distillery explains: “Kilmory embodies Lagg’s style, which focuses on the use of bourbon barrels for pierced whiskey. Corriecravie provides a real contrast and brings out a different side of lagg whiskey, bringing to the fore notes of sweet smoke, spice and rich fruit. This single malt is truly rooted in southern Arran and its aromatic, punchy character captures the earthy nature of the first whiskey distilled in Arran hundreds of years ago. Today, our single malts represent the character and respect for our land that the people here are keen to share with the world.”

The Lagg Single Malt Kilmory Edition should be available in well-stocked specialty stores in May. Shortly thereafter, in June, the Lagg Single Malt Corriecravie Edition would follow. It remains to be seen if the timetable can be met given the ongoing delivery difficulties between the UK and the EU. Recommended retail prices have not been published.

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Source: Kamer Kirsch