June 22, 2024

Lachit or Soder - who would you choose?

Lachit or Soder – who would you choose?

DrThe most important thing for you this Wednesday: criticism of Armin Laschet’s coronavirus policy and support of Marcus Söder on the issue of the candidate for the position of chancellor. The European Union is also seeking a sincere partnership with Turkey. The human rights situation has deteriorated.

1. Criticism of Armin Lachit
2. Marcus Söder support
3. The epidemic exacerbates the oppression
4. Return to the nuclear deal?
5. The European Union’s partnership with Turkey
6. Togg vs. Tesla
7. To protect the unicorn

Armin Laschet wants to “close the bridge.”

Photo: dpa

1. Criticism of Armin Lachit

The NRW Prime Minister and the CDU President should listen to harsh accusations from the Social Democrats: his proposals “contribute to the insecurity of the people.”

Charges: The Social Democrats have criticized Lachette’s proposal for a decision on a steep “bridge closure” and a meeting of prime ministers to be held this week. The candidate for the Social Democratic adviser, Olaf Schultz, accused Laschet of failing to comply with previous agreements to combat the epidemic. In this regard, the Federal Minister of Finance said that it does not help to “meet somewhere”. “Such proposals contribute to people’s uncertainty, but they do not help us contain the infection rate,” said Stefan Weil, Prime Minister of Lower Saxony. The Chairman of the Prime Minister’s Conference, the ruling mayor of Berlin, Michael Mueller (SPD) criticized Laschet. This declares “measures are tougher, but what should be, remains ambiguous.”

be cerfull: Hesse’s prime minister, Volker Bouvier (CDU), put himself behind the Lachette idea. The current situation is “uncertain” and the intensive care units have less and less capacity. In such a situation, caution is advised. Saxony Prime Minister Michael Kretschmer (CDU) said Lachit was “undoubtedly right”: “With the pre-Easter momentum we will not reach the end of May.” The latter is a time when vaccines are making a “major contribution” to potentially reducing the number of infections.

Vaccinations: The second phase of the vaccination campaign has begun. 35,000 GP practices are now vaccinating against Coronavirus. In the first week, all practices receive a total of 940,000 vaccine doses. According to announcements by the Federal Ministry of Health, there is supposed to be a big push in the week of April 26. Then practices can expect more than three million doses. In the first two weeks of April, only the Biontech vaccine will be used. In the week of April 19, the Astra-Zeneca vaccine will also go into practice, followed by Johnson & Johnson.

The FAZ Podcast for Germany: Vaccination begins in the clinics of family doctors. Is the turbo coming now?

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Marcus Söder: For the sake of the crowd, he's ahead of Armin Laschet.

MARCUS SODER: For the sake of the crowd, he’s ahead of Armin Laschet.

Photo: dpa

2. Marcus Söder support

Several members of the Bundestag spoke in favor of the president of the CSU as a candidate for the position of chancellor. There are also demands for the parliamentary bloc to take a decision.

Clarification: Seven members of the Bundestag from Baden-Württemberg pleaded in a joint letter that the president of the CDU, Armin Laschet, should allow CDU President Marcus Söder to have precedence in running for the position of chancellor. Personal ambitions to run for the position of chancellor should be postponed “if it is evident that someone else has higher acceptance among the population.” She writes: “Marcus Söder enjoys a high level of confidence in large parts of the population. That is why he will be a strong and promising candidate for the position of chancellor of the entire Federation. “

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