October 5, 2023

Kristen Bell: Disney star gives his kids sleeping pills |  entertainment

Kristen Bell: Disney star gives his kids sleeping pills | entertainment

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These sentences make you sit back and pay attention.

Actress Kristen Bell (42 years old) is known and loved by millions of kids in America for lending her voice to Anna in Disney’s ‘Frozen’. When it comes to their breeding methods, some adults will likely get goosebumps.

As Kristen Bell has now revealed, her two daughters – 7 and 9 – have moved into their children’s room and no longer sleep with mom and dad.

Dax Shepard’s wife, 47, told E! News.” So far, it’s relatively unsurprising.

But Kristen also told during the conversation that she gives her children sleeping pills. In the form of gummy bears.

The “snacks” were mainly used when the four of them were still sleeping in the parents’ room. Bill: “We don’t want to go to sleep when they want to go to sleep.” So the parents watched TV using headphones while the girls next to them were trying to sleep.

To help Lincoln (9) and Delta (7) to “fatigue and fall asleep faster,” Kristen and Dax took melatonin supplements. “It kicks them out faster, which is great,” Bell continued.

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It doesn’t look great though. It is said that bears filled with sleeping pills are becoming more popular in America – also thanks to the controversial platform TikTok. Melatonin mothers film themselves showering their children with supposed sweets.

Sleeping pills are not harmful, experts in the United States are already warning against excessive consumption. Children can also get tired during the day as a result, including headaches and problems concentrating.

Acting spouses Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard have been married since 2013

Photo: Photo Alliance / AP Photo

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