December 9, 2023

Korbinian Schütz makes 300 full - EVR - Nachrichten

Korbinian Schütz makes 300 full – EVR – Nachrichten

The preparation for the remembrance is worth: The first polar bear match against Rosenheim calls. Not all memories are positive.

By Klaus Dieter Watropa

At the age of 26 a high-value defender who loves to stay in the background and loves his job: Corbinian Schutz Photo: Andreas Nickel/Andreas Nickel

Regensburg.EV Regensburg, nothing but EV Regensburg: Korbinian Schütz wore no different shirt. Now the polar bear defender hit a very special mark on Friday (8pm): he’s playing his 300th game for his local club. And, as befits her, it’s a big match, the first match against the Starbucks from Rosenheim. But the career of this 26-year-old, who always wanted to be a polar bear as a boy and then emulated his role model Martin Anseca, was not always easy – and even his debut at EVR was very special, at the time in the quarter-finals in Duisburg on the 20th March 2012, at just 16 years old.

#In Canada with Leon Drysittel

#Eleven weeks ago, at the start of 2011/2012, Corbinian Schutz made another big appearance at the unofficial U-17 World Cup in Canada – with a number of very high profile names now. Leon Drysittel, Dominic Cahoun or Marcus Eisenschmid were part of a team like Schutz – and with Lukas Gohlke (Peiting) or Simon Mayr, he still faces regular companions these days in the Major League. “There are still so many good memories, so many friendships and a pleasure to talk on the ice.” Of course, not everything was always great. There is a gap in Corbinian Schutz’s life in 2015/2016. Then he achieved his goal and contracted the DEL for the Augsburg Panthers. But Corbinian Schutz did not like this world. “And what you don’t like, you have to change,” said Brother Simon, who is two and a half years younger than him, will be 24 next week and has just slipped from Ingolstadt to DEL 2 to play more and do again for nine attempts. “I’m playing 24 instead of seven, eight minutes per game and I have a leadership position,” says the “very young” Schutz in his playing style and mood.

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#He wishes his brother something simple for his anniversary. “It has to stay the way it is,” Simon Schutz says. “And I hope there will be more besides 300 matches.” They found what they were looking for on their doorstep. A new Schutz calendar has begun. “I have enjoyed it since then more than before,” Corbinian Schutz says, and I am glad it “will last for a long time.”

#Eisbären Regensburg: Up to 500 games?

#This reason also seems simple. “I’ve found my role and can show my style of play – not to others.” The guy with the number 78 on his back isn’t someone who’s trying to get the cheers out of the curve in his name and striving for that kind of recognition. “I don’t care about goals or points. I am a defender: I prefer checks and shots to scoring. Otherwise I would have to become a striker.”

#Is Corbinian Schutz also aspiring to make 400 or 500 matches for Regensburg? “I don’t plan long term,” says the man who also works “a day or two a week” at his coaching company and is responsible for all the drawings published in Eisbären. “I don’t plan long-term, but only from year to year,” Schutz says. Given the fast pace of ice hockey, he may not “completely rule out” whether he will wear a shirt other than the one from Regensburg, the only jersey in his career so far.

#Especially since his back injury when he hit the gang showed that everything can change quickly. This is why the two goals in the comeback against Waldkeburg are among the memories that come to Schutz’s memory. “Because it also happened against Waldeckerburg.”

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#Everyone loves corbi.

##Moreover #Polar bear trainer Max Kaltenhauser# He speaks louder about his corset tape. “300 games is a great achievement. And he not only plays, but also plays an important role and hardly makes any mistakes. I can’t imagine there is anyone who does not have a corby – by the way, not only in our team.”

#who – which #Rosenheim game# To be remembered to celebrate this day is of course the wish of Corbinian Schutz. “But this is a team that can be very strong,” he knows, and Max Kaltenhauser says: “On paper, this is the team in the Major League – even more top-tier than other top-tier teams.” You want to win again. “I’d rather win an ugly victory than a sweet defeat.”

#Peter Holmgren will be in goal, and Patrick Berger plays Sunday’s game (6.30 pm) in Passau. US emergency assistant Jeff Ferring is in the squad for the first time in a home game because the U-20 side took a break and wanted to give Kaltenhauser young Aleandro Angaran a chance to “come home to South Tyrol once again”. In addition to the long-term failures of Marvin Schmid, Richard Davis, and Peter Flach, only ailing Lucas Wagner is missing.

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