July 16, 2024

Knockouts allowed!  All info about Mayweather vs. Paul

Knockouts allowed! All info about Mayweather vs. Paul

MUNICH – With a ring score of 50-0, Floyd Mayweather is one of the best and most successful boxers in history in his weight class. Now he is being challenged in an exhibition fight by internet star Logan Paul.

Who is fighting whom?

Floyd Mayweather wants to know again. The 44-year-old returns to the ring nearly four years after his last professional fight against UFC star Conor McGregor. With 15 world titles and countless other successes, he is the American boxing superstar of the last decade.

In all, he was in 50 officially ranked boxing matches in the ring and won them all – 27 of them by knockout. Experts consider him the best defensive boxer in history due to his fighting style. Now a very special challenge awaits him.

Mayweather meets internet star Logan Paul on Sunday. The controversial influencer has been criticized in the United States for some scandals and leaks. However, in recent years he has managed to rehabilitate himself and find his way back to work through boxing, among other things.

Although he lost his only officially ranked fight to date against fellow YouTuber “KSI”, Paul showed his incredible athletic style in the ring even then. With a height of 1.88 metres, the 26-year-old is clearly superior to Mayweather (1.73 metres), which is why there are very special rules for fencing.

When and where does the fight take place?

The mega event takes place on the night of Sunday, June 6, on Monday, June 7. The venue is Hard Rock Stadium in Miami. In addition to the main event between Mayweather and Paul, other fights will take place that evening. The event starts at 8pm local time – for viewers from Germany, the event starts at 3am.

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These are the special rules

Since it’s not an officially rated fight and only an ‘show fight’, Money Mayweather doesn’t have to fear for his impressive 50-0 record. The rules of this nominal fight are tough.

The action takes place in eight rounds, each three minutes long. Basically it was decided: there is no winner in this duel. There is a judgment, but no judges count any injury.

The essence of the matter: while other fights are usually quieter, a literal exchange of blows is expected from the start, where knockouts are allowed. Localized means: there is no official winner, but an early termination with a knockout is possible – and therefore also a “felt” winner in the duel.

The fact that the two do not face each other in an actual boxing match has something to do with the difference in size and weight. While the Mayweather weighs just over 72.5 kg, Paul is noticeably heavier at around 86.2 kg.

That is why there is a special rule for a YouTube star. If he exceeds the set limit of 190 pounds (just under 86.2 kg), he has to dig deep into his pocket. A fine of $100,000 is payable for every pound it exceeds.

Floyd Mayweather vs.Logan Paul: Das Mega-Event Live im TV und Stream

Unfortunately, the boxing event will not be shown on German TV. Traditional streaming services can’t secure rights either. The fight is only offered as a classic PPV (Pay Per View) in the USA.

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The entire event can be purchased at Hard Rock Stadium at Fanmio Boxing and Showtime Boxing and is also available in Germany. For $49.99 (just under €41) it can be activated on the portals’ broadcast pages.

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