King Charles chose: Quiche would be served to celebrate the coronation

Great Britain is looking forward to May 6, 2023. Then King Charles III. (74) He was crowned with a solemn ceremony. Numerous community lunches are again planned across the country for Coronation Weekend, dubbed the “Big Lunch”. King Charles and his wife Camilla, now 75, have chosen a recipe that they are suggesting to royal fans as a celebratory dish. You can find it on the royal website Detailed instructions and a video To prepare “coronation quiche” (German: coronation quiche).

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You need these ingredients for a royal quiche

It is a quiche “with a light crunchy crust and delicate aromas of spinach, beans and fresh tarragon”. The Royal House recommends a green salad or boiled potatoes as a side dish. Quiche can be eaten warm or cold.

According to the recipe, the dough requires flour, a pinch of salt, cold butter, lard and a little milk. For the filling you need milk, cream, eggs, tarragon, salt, pepper, cheddar cheese, spinach and beans. You can also download the recipe as a PDF from the website.

On the day of the coronation, the community will be celebrated

“The Coronation Day Big Lunch is designed to bring neighbors and communities together to celebrate the coronation and share friendship, food and fun,” the recipe says. Charles’ wife Camilla has been a patron of the initiative since 2013 and has attended The Big Lunch events across the UK and around the world. At the end of the celebrations for the 70th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II (1926-2022), Britons across the country celebrated with a promenade. This initiative is organized by the charity organization The Eden Project.

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Coronation dish based on the Queen

Coronation quiche is a reference to the famous Coronation Chicken, which was invented in 1953 to mark the coronation of Charles’ mother and remains a British national good, so to speak. The recipe was circulated around the UK in the run-up to the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II to provide recipe inspiration for the big day.

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