Killer tips for the game character

Even if ChatGPT can solve well-known academic tests and can produce good scripts, that doesn’t necessarily make the text generator software smart. This demo was made by PCGamer author Christopher Livingston, who grabbed the ChatGPT companion for Skyrim and used it to solve a really simple puzzle in the Bethesda role-playing game. The result: sometimes fatal to Livingston’s in-game character in the long run.

The starting point for the ChatGPT adventure in Skyrim was the “Herika” mod, which here Found on This gives players a companion NPC that supports them based on ChatGPT and chat input from players, and sometimes provides the necessary variety in terms of dialogue. Among other things, Herika receives information about the current location and conversations of other NPCs and fights and builds her dialogue around it. It can also summarize books and notes from the game, while the text-to-speech function puts lines of text to music. The character can also be modified with appropriate prompts, whereupon lore-friendly lines of dialogue are ejected.

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Back to Livingston’s experiment: After initial difficulties getting the mod to work in the first place, he picks Herika up at her starting point in Whiterun to take her on a mission to find a trinket from Lucan, a river timber merchant. Take It Away Adventure finally leads the two to the barren hill. In order to advance in the dungeon, a puzzle must be solved. The three columns must contain the correct combination of symbols, which can be read from tablets scattered throughout the dungeon and ultimately lead to a snake, snake, whale score. If you enter the correct combination and pull the lever for the locked gate, it will open. Otherwise, the player will be shot with poison arrows.

In his attempt, Livingston played dumb. Instead of using the obvious solution, he first asks Herika for clues that can help with the solution. However, they are useful only to a limited extent, but at least they indicate the correct direction with the tip to operate the winch and to arrange the shafts. If you need a little help getting started, you’ll definitely be satisfied with that, but if you can’t solve the puzzle at all, you won’t be able to open the gate with Herika either. When prompted for the correct combination, the ChatGPT-supported NPC companion does not serve one, which eventually opens the gate.

Various claims, which do not contain any additional information, almost always give wrong answers and sometimes combinations longer than intended. In the end, Livingston resigned and passed the correct combination to Herica. At least there was a small glimmer of hope: Herika was able to solve the ensuing puzzle, which required arranging several rings based on symbols, without any difficulties. However, if you want to be on the safe side, you can simply use our trusted search engine to find solutions, even if it takes a bit of immersion.


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