June 21, 2024

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Kids fight for what is arguably the best Minecraft job in the world

There is a lot of money to be made in Minecraft. But no one thinks that many children are applying for a real job – that’s very nice.

It’s an old hat Minecraft can earn if you can inspire enough people. Some of the greatest YouTubers and Banners play Minecraft, millions are enjoying it, and thus make a living from the game and the videos.

But there is also a “real” job in Minecraft – but many kids have applied for it, which the employer may not have planned for.

Why? WhatShed is a UK based company that specializes in landscaping and landscaping. They give their clients customized suggestions on how to design their own garden. WhatShed now thought they wanted to gain a foothold in the digital sector in order to introduce landscape design in Minecraft.

There was now a job posting for this.

Incidentally, the job is well paid, at £ 50 an hour and up (around € 58).

what happened? As expected, there were quite a few inquiries regarding this position. But it is especially interesting: a large number of applicants are children. After all, for those of you it is not tempting to be able to play Minecraft all day, to give adults tips on how to design their game world – and by the way – to earn “pocket money” with the hourly wage that most adults don’t get in their lives.

Accordingly, she is also amusing in the comments below the job offer:

“I have an Xbox and I have a lot of time because I’m 12”

The Comment section Getting a job offer is very fun and it shows the contributions of many children and teens who can wonderfully imagine a dream job. Above all, the content of the comments is funny or cute when you see how some writers lack experience and motivation. You can read about it there:

  • “I’m 12 years old, if that’s fine … I can also work on weekends and 6-7 hours on weekdays.”
  • “I have played Minecraft nearly every day since I was seven years old. I am 10.”
  • “My dad owns a horticulture business, so I have a lot to do with gardening and landscaping. I also have a lot of free time. Since I’m still so young, kids won’t feel as deterred as they are 30 or 40. As you can see, I have it all. Skills and requirements for this job. “
  • “I have been playing Minecraft for 8 years, I am 13 years old.”

Some go further and even add a video of their previous performances.

  • “This is an example of my landscape. 100% Survival Mode”

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Can you get the job? In theory, some children could even take over the job, because just like in Germany, some jobs are already allowed in Great Britain at the age of 13 – including farming, although the legislature may never have considered ‘virtual farming’ “.

However, in practice, children should not have a chance, since the age limit that will be mentioned does not start until the age of 21. But they might be fortunate if they indicated their true age under “other”.

Whether it’s a miscalculation of WhatShed or a well-thought-out PR movement, the result is highly entertaining. Someone must say again that today’s youth are lazy and do not want to work.

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