July 12, 2024

Key findings from the Times World University Ranking 2022

Key findings from the Times World University Ranking 2022

Highlights from the Times World University Ranking 2022

New Delhi:

The University of Oxford in the UK continues to be the highest-ranked university in the world for the sixth year in a row, based on the latest research. Times Higher Education World University Rankings.

Colleges in the United States continue to dominate the top 20, with Caltech, Harvard University, and Stanford University taking second, third, and fourth places.

The table of 1,600 universities in 99 countries and territories is based on 13 indicators that measure four broad areas: education, research, knowledge transfer, and international perspectives.

This year’s university ranking comes in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic and its impact on the global education system.

Here are some excerpts from this year’s ranking:

1. Universities from 4 countries still dominate the top 200

The US, UK, Germany and Australia continue to contribute the most universities to the top 200. The United States has the largest number of universities in the top 200 with 57 universities, and the United Kingdom lags far behind 28 universities. Germany ranks third with 22 universities, while Australia ranks in the top 200 with its 12 universities.

2. China’s rise in university rankings

China (People’s Republic of China) dominates the university rankings with two universities in the top 20. Peking University and Tsinghua University share 16th place. Ten Chinese universities are in the top 200, up from 7 in the past two years. It is noteworthy that 10 years ago, China had only 3 universities in the ranking. According to the report, the sudden rise in the number of Covid prices also helped the Asian country improve its position in the top 200 list.

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3. Covid-19 research helps universities improve their rankings

According to this year’s report, universities that have published papers on Covid-19 have seen a significant increase in their impact on citations. Nineteen universities have seen a sharp rise in Citation Impact Score since last year after research on Covid was published. Eleven of these universities are located in China, with one university each in Taiwan and Hong Kong. For starters, citation strength shows how often other researchers cite an article in a scientific journal, book, or author.

4. There is no Indian university in the top 200

Although no Indian university is in the top 200, IISc Bengaluru still ranks first in the Indian Institutions Ranking in the top 350 Indian institutions. Five other Indian institutions, including IIT Ropar and IIT Indore, are among the top 600. However, there is good news for Indian institutions too. 71 Indian institutes qualified for this year’s ranking, up from 63 last year and 49 two years ago.

One of the reasons for India’s exclusion from the top rankings appears to be the poor research culture in Indian institutions. “In universities, most or all colleges are required to teach a large number of courses per semester because teaching is a top priority. Explains Dr. Vaidyanathan Jayaraman, Dean of UG Programs, SP Jain School of Global Management.

Doctor. Jayaraman adds that capping the number of hours a college dedicates to teaching annually and a reward system that focuses on quality rather than the quantity of journal publications can help improve Indian universities’ rankings.

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