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Karlsruhe |  Naturalization of about 500 |  00

Karlsruhe | Naturalization of about 500 | 00

09/16/2022 | The celebration at Forst offers an insight into the various career paths leading up to the decision for German nationality

The district of Karlsruhe is rich with a few inhabitants. A total of 468 people decided not only to make their home there this year, but also to acquire German citizenship. The move was honored in a special setting on Thursday, September 15, at a naturalization ceremony at the Alex Huber Forum Forest. Knut Bühler, First State Officer, Karlsruhe District welcomed the event participants. Instrumental was provided by the ensemble “Los del Molino” under the direction of Luis Segura.

The reasons why 468 people accepted German citizenship in 2021 are as diverse as their life stories.

“Formally, naturalization is only an administrative act, but in reality it is much more.”

First state official Knut Buhler says.

“It is a dedication to the German state, German society and a second home.”

He emphasizes that citizens now belong not only to the Federal Republic of Germany, but also to one of the 32 cities and municipalities in the district. “Daily life, integration, friendship and family take place locally,” says Knut Buhler. Many representatives of the municipalities in the forest were present at the celebration.

“For us as a district, this day is a special one for the act of naturalization,”

District Administrator Dr. Christoph Schnaudigel. “It is traditional to celebrate this official event. We are now organizing this event for the eleventh time. “Every year it becomes clear how many different cultures come together and enrich each other in our region.

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The list of countries of origin gives a glimpse of the diversity of the new citizens: Egypt, Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Ecuador, France, Greece, Great Britain, Iran, Israel, Italy, Cameroon, Kenya, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania. , Mexico, Nigeria, Austria, Peru, Poland, Romania, Russia, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine, Hungary, Venezuela and the United States.

On behalf of the district, Knut Bühler granted two participants German citizenship directly on site. It is sealed by handing over a “Certificate of Naturalization” and an affidavit. Later, two newbies and a newbie talked about their lives and their decision.

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