May 21, 2024

Just 15 minutes of abstaining from social media a day strengthens health – Heilpraxis

A man wearing glasses stares at a smartphone with wide eyes.

When people reduce the time they spend on social media, there are significant beneficial physical and psychological effects. (photo: lassedesignen/

How social media time affects health

When people have time to spend with them Social media just spend 15 minutes On the day, there is a significant improvement in immune function Which means they are better protected against the flu and common cold, for example. Plus, it’s getting better sleep quality And Symptoms of depression Weight loss

In a new study by experts from Swansea University Checked whether to reduce the screen time on the smartphone health and the luxury to improve. The results are in English.Journal of Technology in the Behavioral Sciencespublished.

50 participants answered various questionnaires

To study, a total fifty participants asked to fill out various questionnaires about their health, immune function, loneliness, sleep, anxiety, depression, and time spent with Social media spend to fill.

These individuals were randomly divided into different groups. I took advantage of a bunch of them Smartphone as beforeWhile the participants in the second group were instructed to use their smartphones during the day 15 minutes less to use.

In the third group, the participants must 15 minutes less time of day with Social media spend and pursue other activities instead, which the researchers advised them to read or play sports, for example.

Three months later, the participants again filled out the aforementioned questionnaires to assess the potential effects of restricted smartphone use on their health physical health and the sanity To determine.

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Better protection against the flu by reducing social media use

Experts found that cutting back on social media use by 15 minutes per day led to a moderate improvement in immune function 15 percent led to fewer colds, Influenza and warts is connected.

Less social media improves sleep

In addition, it improved sleep quality around 50 percent And Symptoms of depression took over 30 percent The team adds.

Participants who were asked to use their smartphones for 15 minutes less per day eventually reduced their use Voluntarily about 40 minutes Per day. In contrast, the group with habitual smartphone use showed equal participants Another ten minutes They are busy with their smart phones every day.

The team also reported that there was a small increase, not a decrease, in participants in the group who asked to do other activities rather than engage in social media.

Less social media improves health and well-being

This data shows that the lives of people who limit their use of social media can improve in many ways – including benefits to their physical health and psychological well-being.Reports the author of the study Professor Phil Reed in press release.

The fact that participants who were asked to limit their use of social media and do something else were more likely to spend more time on social media and not experience any health benefits indicates that health promotion campaigns do not dictate how people spend their time.

This can lead to rejection from Suggestions and instructions to lead. So it makes sense to make all the facts available to those affected and then to them Decide for yourself The doctor said how they want to reduce their use of social media.

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The use of social media is increasing

The use of social media has increased dramatically in recent years and, according to researchers, is having a negative impact on Health and well-being linked together.

However, new findings show that social media use is already 15 minutes less per day with Big improvements to Public Health and the immune function accompanied. At the same time, the number of participants decreased Anxiety and depression. (like)