May 23, 2024

Ist Julienco gar nicht in Kanada?

Julienko: Not in Canada, but with the “masked singer”?

Is Julian Claussen in “The Masked Singer”?

Julien Claßen aka Julienco and his girlfriend Tanja Makarić are currently taking a short vacation in Canada to visit Tanja’s sister. But is it really so? Influencers’ Instagram stories raise questions and make the community suspicious. Is Julienko really in Canada or is this a red herring? You can learn more here.

How the water clock burns rumor

Julienco and his girlfriend Tanja Makarić went to Canada to visit Tanja’s sister. She has recently been living there with her husband, footballer Alessandro Schöpf. Learn more about both here. On their journey, Julian Clausen and Tanja share impressions, pictures and videos of Canada. But fans are now wondering if it was all a big hoax. The German influencer posted a video of an interesting water clock on his Instagram story. This clock shows 20th September instead of current date. Very suspicious, isn’t it?

This is the love Tanja Makarić thinks Julian Klassen is smart

Julienko in “Black Mamba” costume in “The Masked Singer”?

Yulienko is no longer in Canada, but fans now suspect that the whole thing was faked. In fact, he is said to be dressed as the “Black Mamba” in “The Masked Singer”. That’s what show judge Ruth Moschner suspected. The influencer even posted it on his Instagram story.

This speaks against a recent trip to Canada

Arguing against some fan theory is that the water clock doesn’t tell the time in English or French, but in Czech. If you look closely at the clock, you can see that it is not found in Canada, but also in the Janacek Theater in Brno (Czech Republic).

Does that mean the influencer is based in the Czech Republic? Apparently Julienko saw the video on social media and shared it on his story. Maybe one day he will get that place. According to his Instagram story, he and Tanja are now back in Germany from Canada (as of October 17, 2022).

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