June 21, 2024

Julian Clasen's girlfriend 'taken as homeless'

Julian Clasen’s girlfriend ‘taken as homeless’

Tania McCarric is currently in Canada.Photo: Instagram / Tanya Makaric

Emki Gerets

In May, Julian Claassen announced that he and his sweetheart Baby Bibi were no longer a couple. They are the parents of son Leo and daughter Emily. Pepe and Julian stressed that children will always come first for them. They have millions of fans on their social media platforms who were shocked by this message. After public love ceased, recordings that showed them supposed new partners soon followed.

The 29-year-old has finally confirmed his affair with former swimmer Tanja Makarić. Since then, there has always been content for couples together and they also showed themselves kissing when they were in Dubai.

They are currently in Canada to visit Tanya’s sister who lives there. While staying in Vancouver, they checked into a hotel. According to her own statement, Tanya had to go through an unpleasant experience there, as she stated in her Instagram story.

Tania talks about the disrespectful treatment in the hotel

Tanya now has more than 419,000 fans on her profile. From time to time it also advertises some brands as an influencer and it can be assumed that they are making good money from product placements. The experience she said she had in Canada was even more surprising. In her profile, Tanya stated that “another really funny story” happened to her. However, based on her story, Tanya couldn’t really laugh about it. because she said:

Finally, the hotel employee said: “Go back to the street where you belong!” Tania went on to say about the situation: “I was so shocked you can’t say anything because you have to come back here over and over. Julian was still upstairs in the room.”

Tanya said she was taken for a homeless person.

Tanya said she was taken for a homeless person.Photo: Instagram / Tanya Makaric

Speaking to her community, she added, “You know that feeling when you get really stressed out and don’t remember the room number? And then I was like, ‘Oh my God, which room are we in again?'” Of course that was funny too. Now that was really really rude.”

Shortly thereafter, she spoke to her community again when she was on her way to a trip with Julian. With a bitter aftertaste, she emphasized: “Now I’m back on my way,” he said. Now we are on our way and going to my sister in the mountains. We hope to see grizzly bears there.”