December 9, 2023

Joseph Quinn: The 'Stranger Things' star was almost never allowed into the US

Joseph Quinn: The ‘Stranger Things’ star was almost never allowed into the US

Updated on 07/28/2022 07:46

  • Stranger Things star Joseph Quinn nearly missed his first appearance on his talk show.
  • An airport employee refused entry to the actor because he did not know him.
  • But thanks to Quinn’s role, it worked out.

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Eddie Monson is one of the most famous characters from Season 4 of the Netflix series Stranger Things. Joseph Quinn, who embodies the character and has been in front of the camera for years, seems unknown to many. On “The Tonight Show” American broadcaster Jimmy Fallon has now said that he almost couldn’t travel to appear on the show. Thanks to his role, he was able to take part in the show.

Quinn explained that this is his first appearance on a talk show. But it “almost didn’t work.” The actor was arrested the day before when he entered the country and was taken to a kind of “dungeon,” he jokes. There he first had to wait about 20 minutes and then was called to an office where someone asked him, “What are you doing in the United States, sir?”

Actor Joseph Quinn was a guest on “Jimmy Fallon: The Tonight Show”. © YouTube

Airport employee: “This is Eddie from Stranger Things.”

Quinn then said he came to meet Jimmy Fallon, which the employee didn’t believe. Then a colleague of the man looked at the actor and said to the other, “Leave Eddie alone. […] This is Eddie from Stranger Things. Then the actor asked, ‘Are you Eddie Monson? “He also wanted to know if Quinn would be back in season five.” I do not know. The man then gave the actor his passport, indicating that he would prefer to come back in the name of Eddie.

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The fourth season of “Stranger Things” is one of Netflix’s biggest hits. According to the streaming service, the latest episodes were watched worldwide with less than 1.34 billion watch hours in the first 28 days after release. Almost no English-language series has had much success on the platform. Only “Squid Game” was previously able to earn over a billion hours of streaming on Netflix. South Korean production maintained the current total record since the end of 2021 at about 1.65 billion hours during the first 28 days.
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The finale of the fourth season of Netflix series “Stranger Things” broke all records. One of the highlights was not even in the text.