February 28, 2024

John Regensburg's Kennedy: From the State League to the World Cup

John Regensburg’s Kennedy: From the State League to the World Cup

The life of John Regensburg defender Scott Kennedy seems like a fairy tale. By participating in the World Cup, he is now fulfilling a dream.

Scott Kennedy (right) of Regensburg qualifies for the World Cup with Canada.
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Six years ago Scott Kennedy was still playing with Transstein at Landeslica, and five years ago with Amber at Bayernlica. The Canadian central defender was drawn to Regensburg in 2020 via the Austrian regional league club Grotik and second division club Glagenfurt.

His activities there also delighted Canadian national team coach John Hertmann. On June 9, 2021, Kennedy made his international debut. This was followed by seven more appearances in the World Cup qualifiers. Canada caused a stir at the World Cup in Qatar in the winter.

Kennedy celebrates his anniversary: ​​”It’s a great honor for me.”

“It’s an indescribable feeling to have achieved this great success with my team. It’s a great honor for me,” Kennedy, who turned 25 today, explains.

“He celebrated a lot, trained a little. He’s definitely not tired of playing.

The use of the Regensburg defensive man in the Hannover 96 (1.30pm, live! Kicker) on Saturday is questionable as he will not return from the national team until Friday. “We hope Kennedy will succeed at the right time. He did not play tonight,” coach John Mersad Selimpekovich said on Thursday. Kennedy was not used in the 0-1 draw with Panama.

“He celebrated a lot, got a little training,” Selimpekovic said. “He’s definitely not tired of playing, but you should not underestimate the trip.” SSV head coach Kennedy wants to talk to him about his condition after his return.

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