April 13, 2024

Joe Veleno: Home fans call for Canadian player’s ban

Joe Veleno

Home fans called for the Canadian player to be banned – after the scandal involving Niederreiter

A bad foul by Nino Niederreiter, captain of Canada’s Joe Veleno, overshadowed Natty’s fifth World Cup win. Hockey fans are venting their anger on social media.


This terrible mistake caused a lot of conversation.


  • In the fifth game of the Hockey World Cup, the Swiss national team won their fifth game.

  • Switzerland won 3-2 against Canada.

  • However, the game was overshadowed by bad fouls from Nino Niederreiter.

This is the display of the game and hides it The victory of the Swiss national team was 3:2 At the World Cup of Hockey against Canada: Canadian player Joe Veleno kicked Natty captain Nino Niederreiter hard in the leg with the blade of his ice skate – a serious attack and unsportsmanlike conduct. No effect on the Canadian. The umpires did not see the blunder.

If you look at the criminal Veleno’s Instagram profile, you can see comments from Swiss hockey fans. Most Natty fans condemn the Canadian’s playful behavior. For example, one user writes: “It’s a real disaster to have such a sportsmanlike, nasty, unsympathetic, unsportsmanlike person in the NHL.” Some users refer to Veleno’s club in the NHL, the Detroit Red Wings. One user says the Red Wings should let him. Another writes that the World Ice Hockey Association should ban Veleno for the rest of the tournament.

“He wanted to break my ankle”

Meanwhile, Joe Veleno has disabled the comment function under his last Instagram post. But Twitter has also called for the Canadian to be banned. “We demand that Velino be suspended and punished. The Canadian Hockey Association should do this first on its part,” demanded a hockey fan. But Natty fans aren’t the only ones calling for Velenos to be suspended, Canadian hockey fans also don’t understand this horrendous mistake. “Without Joe Veleno, please. We don’t need that kind of play on this team,” said one Canada fan.

After the feast, the fouled one spoke The national team captain is Nino Nieteritter For the horror to kick in. “I tried to quit at the last moment. He could be there with the intention of breaking my ankle.” It doesn’t belong in the game, the 30-year-old said. He also demanded: “I hope the world association does something about it. We have a gentleman’s game that is played very hard. But you can’t go that far and hope something happens there.” Niederreiter didn’t know why the Canadian was so uptight, and he didn’t have the score to settle with him — he didn’t really know him. But: “He apologized.”

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