June 16, 2024

Joe Biden sat in the back at the Queen's funeral - Trump mocks

Joe Biden sat in the back at the Queen’s funeral – Trump mocks

US President Joe Biden is considered one of the most powerful men in the world. But in the chapel at the Queen’s funeral, it did not look like this …


The basics in brief

  • Joe Biden and his wife Jill have been invited to the Queen’s funeral.
  • The two had to deal with the back rows.
  • Donald Trump mocks the US President on Twitter.

Funeral Queen Elizabeth (96) He led the global elite to London. Almost all royal families, presidents, prime ministers and top politicians found themselves on Monday Westminster Abbey a.

Joe Biden (79) was too Invitation to a state funeral. But in the church you had to look carefully. If you want to discover one of the most important men in the world among the guests.

Because: The US President has been moved with his wife, Jill (71), to one of the last rows. In addition to the Swiss Federal President Ignacio Cassis (61).

to her predecessor Donald Trump (76) Find food. on me Twitter He mocks the former president: “This is what happened to America in just two years. There is no respect! But the time is right for our president to meet with leaders of some third world country.”

He is convinced that if he had been president, he would never have been put there.

Do you grieve for the Queen?

But the seating arrangement was About the bad intent of the Royal family? No. The Bluebloods only adhered to their strict royal protocol.

This states that the leaders of the Commonwealth countries are of a higher status. Even if they belong to less influential countries.

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