Joe Biden on Queen Elizabeth II: Where’s Wrong?

His predecessor climbed into many mistakes and made the queen wait for him. Now US President Joe Biden can show if he has mastered etiquette better: After deliberations at the G7 summit in Cornwall, England, Biden and First Lady Jill were invited to Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II at Windsor Castle on Sunday. One thing is already certain: In the meeting, it will be monitored whether and what Biden is making mistakes. The court protocol sets out some clear rules:

Verbiogen: Once the most powerful head of government in the world meets the Queen, it begins. As a man, Biden must bow to the Queen. It does not have to be a deep servant, lowering the head is enough. However, a slight deviation is expected from the Biden generation.

hello queen? No matter how friendly, “Nice to meet you, Elizabeth,” would be rude. Visitors should address the Queen first with “Your Majesty”. After that, “Madam” is enough.

Tabu: Shaking hands with the Queen as a greeting or even giving her a warm hug would be a taboo. It must not be touched. Former First Lady Michelle Obama made a mistake here in April 2009 for putting her hand on the shoulder of the much younger Queen.

Lady first: Going ahead and letting the Queen run after you, as former US President Donald Trump once did, is clearly against protocol. Trump first. That’s right: the queen goes first, the guest behind. On the other hand, Trump walked a few steps ahead of Elizabeth II when he passed a guard of honor during his 2018 visit. He didn’t bend either.

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shut up then: If humans had the opportunity to meet the Queen in person, they should at least not brag about her later. This may be behind the protocol’s rule of confidentiality after the meeting with the Queen. Or simply no private details should appear. In any case: estimate please.

In both cases, Trump did not comply with this requirement. In 2018, the then President of the United States shared the content of his conversation with the King. The topic of conversation was the UK’s difficult exit from the European Union.

During his official visit to the UK in June 2019, he got a bit more coverage. Trump and some of his sons insisted that they celebrate their state banquet at the Queen via the Internet with picturesque pictures.

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